It’s tough knowing that you have a mental illness, or having the internal feeling that something just isn’t right with you. Feeling like you just aren’t you anymore, you aren’t who you used to be. Everything just becomes harder. Nothing is as easy or as simple, however one thing is easier, hiding the hurt, the confusion, the differences. 
As embarrassing as it may be you need to talk to people, people need to know how things have changed and how you feel. Your voice will be heard, and there are people out there who feel similar things to you, who won’t judge. 
I know how scary it is to take that first step, I also know what it’s like to feel like there is no hope and that there is no point in trying to find help. But you can, there is always hope, there are always people who can help and you are NOT a lost cause!

A Hope in Hell

A Hope in Hell is a blog about succeeding in recovery of mental health illnesses. I am Sam Povey. I’m 17 and suffering from depression, chronic social anxiety, and low self esteem. As well as self harm, suicidal thoughts, bulimic and anorectic traits.
I decided to create this blog because I wanted to help others with mental illnesses, I want to help those who don’t know where to turn, those who want someone to talk to, someone that will understand, and that I do! I know what its like to want to get away from what’s in your own mind, I know how mental illnesses work to make you isolate yourself.
I think everyone deserves their health, and everyone deserves a second chance.
There is hope. Keep fighting. You’re stronger than you think.